When renting a bike, it is important that you are aware of the Terms & Conditions that come with the bike - we've got your back, so we've attached our T&C's below.


We value your privacy when you are renting bikes with us. So to give you peace of mind, we're outlining our GDPR and Privacy Policy here.


Collections Info

We have collection times on a Wednesday from 2-4 pm in 30-minute slots. When purchasing your bike, please make sure you select one of the slots below to collect your bike - if you cannot make any of the given slots, you can request a different collection time for a small fee of £5. Please email us if this is the case and we can arrange a convenient time.

SLOTS: 2:00-2:30, 2:30-3:00, 3:00-3:30, 3:30-4:00. 



Contract length

Semester 1 ends on 27/01/2020 and Semester 2 ends on 10/06/2020.

Unfortunately, we cannot extend the contract beyond these dates due to servicing and maintenance checks. Thank you for your cooperation.


Size Guidelines & Other Information

Worried the bike isn't the right size or don't know where to collect? Scroll down to our FAQ's all the right information is there!



The bike is £44 for a semester, and £64 for the year, including a £70 deposit that will be refunded to you upon a successful return of your bike at the end of the rental.

What do I need to bring when renting my bike?

We ask that upon collection of your bike you bring the following items: Valid ID – Passport, Driving Licence Student ID where applicable Emergency contact details Paypal or bank account details – so that we can repay your deposit at the end of the year.

Where do I collect my bike?

It's not too far - just take a short journey to our warehouse! Our warehouse is located near Jubilee Campus at: Ucycle Head Office Woolpack House Triumph Road Nottingham NG7 2GA

What's included with my bike rental?

When you rent your bike, it comes with front lights, rear lights and a D-lock and key to ensure your safety and the security of your bike

What size of bike should I get?

We will check that your height is appropriate for the size of bike you have selected when you come for collection, however details of the bike sizes and what height would be best are outlined below: Small – > 5’6 Medium – 5’6 – 5’9 Large – 5’9 – 6’1 Extra Large – 6’1<

What should I do if my bike is damaged or stolen?

If your bike appears to be damaged within the first 48 hours of rental please contact us at info@ucycle.org so we can arrange for you to pick up a replacement bike, note it on your collection form so it’s not taken from your deposit when you return the bike or organise a repair for your bike depending on the situation. If your bike is damaged after that initial 48 hours, then it is your responsibility to fix it and pay for that. If you get in touch with us via the above email address we can connect you with Bikeworks who service all our bikes for us or alternatively you can arrange for the bike to be fixed by a company of your choosing. The bike will be inspected upon return and any damages not noted in the collection form will be taken from your deposit. If your bike is stolen and you get a crime number from the police then we will react accordingly with the terms set out in the terms and conditions. If you fail to get a crime number within 24 hours we have the right to withhold all of you deposit.

When can I collect my bike?

We are open for collections between 2-4pm on Wednesdays. When purchasing your bike, simply select the slot you are available to collect in. If you would like a different time, we offer personalised collections for a small fee.